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“Experiencing Professional Biz English with Gina”

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강사 소개

What’s important when learning English?
I think they are “how much you expose yourself in English speaking environment and having a Confidence”!

Hello, my name is Gina. Not with ‘J’ but “G.” ;)
I have been teaching students quite some time but not only teaching but also have corporate experience. Because I have work experience in the areas of Strategic Marketing and PR, I know how the system works related to that profession, and I was mainly in charge of North and South American markets which mean I understand markets as well.

Dearest students, please do NOT think that you need to be perfect! You are learning the language because you need to communicate, aren’t you? Let’s focus on understanding what you need to understand and express what you want to speak. Rest I’ll be here for you to assist you on your rough road, so you have nothing to worry about. Just work with me and let’s have fun while improving your English! REMEMBER, why I am here! Don’t forget Gina is here to help you go further!

- Graduated University of Washington with Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
(워싱턴대학교 경제학과 졸업)
- Graduated Shorewood High School with Honors (숄우드고등학교 졸업)

1. Teaching (강의경험)
- Instructor for Samsung Multicampus (現 삼성멀티캠퍼스 강사)
- Instructor for Kairos (現 카이로스 강사)
- Instructor for Carrot Global (現 캐럿클로벌 강사)
- Instructor for YBM NET (前 와이비엠넷 강사)
- Instructor for Direct English (前 다이렉트 잉글리쉬 강사)

2. Interpretation & Interview (통역 & 인터뷰경험)
- Freelance interpreter for Heesung Catalysts/ Lotte Chilsung/ DH Holdings and more
(희성촉매/롯데칠성/디에이치홀딩스 등 회사의 주주총회 및 포럼 통역 담당)
- External interviewer for Korea Football Association/ Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation/ Shinsegae Food/ Incheon International Airport/ Nongshim Group/ Hyundai Department Store/ and more
(한국축구협회/한국문화재재단/신세계푸드/인천공항/농심그룹/현대백화점 외 다수 회사의 외부 영어 면접관 경험)
- External interviewer for KIAT
(한국산업기술진흥원 미국/유럽 외 주재원 선정 영어 면접관 경험)

3.Company (회사경험)
- In charge of Marketing and PR at companies in IT/ Electronics/ Automobile Components Industries
(IT/전자/자동차부품/푸드 기업군 마케팅 및 홍보 담당)

- Lived in Seattle, Washington for about 10 years (미국 워싱턴주에서 10년 거주)
- Frequent business trips to North and South America (북미&남미 해외출장 경험)
- Work experience in U.S. company as Marketing and Sales associate
(미국 보안회사 마케팅·영업 담당 경험)

수업 과목 1시간 기준


수업 소개

1. "Professional Business English" for Your Workplace (현직에서 바로 사용할 수 있는 영어)

- I know you have many experience taking Business English classes and have questioned yourself “is this really Business English?”
My thoughts? I will say that you just learned general concepts for Business English. I mean you learned general expressions for general business environment. Then, you could ask me “how could I learn Business English I could use at my work?” I have worked as a Marketing and PR Specialist, and major markets I was in charge of were North and South American markets. Based on my experience like most of you, I use all my strategy and knowledge to teach you how to speak Business English in different workplaces.

Therefore, I want to say that the most important thing when you study with me is “share information and work with me.” I have no intention to ask any types of confidential information about your work, but you want to learn Business English you can use at work, right? Then you need to tell me about your work using 5W1H. If you don’t share anything with me, how do I know what you want to say exactly when you have a meeting at the work, for an example? Please be aware that I need you to let me know what you do exactly, and you want to express whenever you are at your workplace. If only then, I could customize your class like you are really in one of your meetings.

2. “I got you, OPIc!” (OPIc 잡기)

- 많은 회사가 직원들의 진급을 위해 선택하고 있는 OPIc! 준비하고 계시거나 준비해야 하시는 분들 많으시죠? 강사들에 따라 성향은 다르지만, OPIc 시험은 무엇보다 “Native Like” 자연스러움이 중요한 시험이고, 그에 따른 어휘력과 표현력, 그리고 대화를 하는듯한 자연스러움이 Key라고 할 수 있습니다. 강사마다 강의 방식이 다르지만, fact에 기반한 대답이어야 가장 자신 있게 communication이 가능하지 않을까요?!  스마트한 전략을 세우고 차근차근히 준비를 해나가는게 중요하죠~  수업은 레벨에 따라 커스터마이징된 방식으로 진행이 됩니다. One thing you need to remember is!! 제가 말씀 드리는 대로만 따라와 주신다면 목표하신 점수는 획득할 수 있으실 거라는 점입니다!

3. No One-Way Lecture but "Two-Way Interactive" Class (인터액티브한 수업 진행)

- I don’t do any class like one-way lecture. It’s boring and you can just go to Hakwons for that matter and paying less. What you are learning is Language which is to communicate with others. Why do you want to go to one-way lecture type classes? That doesn’t make any sense. I want to discuss, negotiate, and customize the class with you which suits you “THE BEST.”

4. “Fun! Fun!” English Class (“Fun”하게 진행되는 수업)

- Who likes to study with a boring instructor with boring contents? You don’t like it, and of course, I don’t like it either. Then why can’t we have some fun? Some of topics might be hard to have some fun in the class, but I try to use various ways to have fun for both of us. Doing various role-playing activities, and watching various media relevant to the topic of the class, you will see how “FUN” is the class! Give it a shot! :)

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